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Our Mission

Esmeraldas' history is different to that of any other community in Latin America. In the 16th century a ship transporting African slaves from Panama City to Lima, Peru wrecked off the coast of Ecuador.  Those who managed to survive swam ashore and built a community amidst the lush landscape of what is now Esmeraldas. These people lived under their own rule for many generations, free of slavery and untouched by the Spanish colonists. 


Today, despite it's rich historical value, Esmeraldas is a city of low resources that has been socially and culturally forgotten as an asset throughout time. 


We intend to be the catalyst for change by giving the people of Esmeraldas the chance to call their own and enjoy the first International Music Festival the region has ever had. To instill in young people a realistic sense of the standard which is expected of them, the International Festival of Esmeraldas will continue to invite today's top artists to conduct masterclasses

coach chamber music, and most importantly, play concerts.

All of these activities are open to the public and free of charge because music is a basic right, and not just a priviledge.  


Focusing on music from the 17th to 21st centuries, the objective of the International Music Festival of Esmeraldas is to offer Ecuadorian culture a platform that promotes learning and musical development of the highest standard comparable only to the most respected and well-known festivals in the world's important cities.


Music is a vehicle for social change and a fundamental element in the education of young people. The first International Music Festival of Esmeraldas not only commits itself to fostering the talent of young musicians from all countries and of all ages. It also devotes all efforts to enriching cultural life for the people of Esmeraldas and ultimately, seeks to open a window to the endless possibilities found in the world of music.

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