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The objective of masterclasses is to evaluate each student's level and to offer musical and technical advice so as to improve general understanding and instrumental performace. Lessons are open to the public and will be given daily.


Participants will form part of the Festival Orchestra in which they will play alongside invited guest artists in rehearsals and the concert. A full program will be performed as the Festival's ending concert to which all people from Esmeraldas will be invited.


The chamber music program will focus mainly on the string quartet repertoire spanning from the 18th to 19th centuries and will be studied in depth. Each of our invited guest artists will work with string quartets daily. Prepared groups will be given the opportunity to perform in concerts throughout the week. 


It is of utmost importance that students take part in studying harmony, music history and aural training, as they relate directly to the pieces they will be preparing. Classes will be given daily.


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